Inclusive Engagements, LLC’s inaugural clients offer these words regarding the quality of services delivered to their campuses:

Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL (Spring 2016)

“The Trinity Christian College Faculty, Staff and Students were immensely enriched by the presence, message, and engagement in our community by Dr. Lawrence Burnley, Inclusive Engagements LLC. Dr. Burnley encouraged our leadership and community to prioritize and invest fully in the work toward diversity, inclusion and excellence through thoughtful conversation, transparent storytelling as well as academic/historical context in a dynamic workshop. Our students welcomed his challenge to consider the curriculum and pedagogy that governs their learning at our institution and to be proactive in influencing the expansion and diversification of it. Overall, Dr. Burnley customized a day of engagement with our learning community and provided such rich insight that we cannot wait for the next opportunity to engage with Inclusive Engagements, LLC.”

Tiffany R. King, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Faculty Coordinator for Diversity Development

Seattle Pacific University

“The John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University and the Center for Faculty Scholarship and Development enjoyed greatly the workshop provided by Dr. Lawrence Burnley, President and CEO of Inclusive Engagements, LLC. The high quality training provided an opportunity for our community to grow in our corporate understanding of diversity issues and deepened our capacity as educators. Inclusive Engagements developed our awareness and helped us build a more robust theoretical framework. As we continue to build capacity we will do so better equipped at every level of the institution.”

W. Tali Hairston MAGL, Director of the John M. Perkins Center, Seattle Pacific University, Winter quarter 2016.

The University of Chicago

“Integrity, authenticity, directness, and excitement were displayed by Inclusive Engagements, LLC in my strategic planning process to re-imagine the vision of my office. Their creativity, transparency and sensitivity created an atmosphere that encouraged university stakeholders to be engaged, willing to share in order to make our institution a better place. I cannot say enough about their added value as scholars and practitioners to this work which has helped me move forward a process to create a more inclusive and transformative campus community.”

Karlene Burrell-McRae, Ph.D., Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs/Associate Dean of Students at The University of Chicago, Winter quarter, 2015

Bellevue College

“Inclusive Engagements, LLC thoughtfully developed a customized training for the administrators, faculty, and staff at our university: Understanding and Deconstructing Cultural Dominance in Core Curriculum: Building Capacity for Effective Intercultural Communication. The training was very beneficial as it further outlined the challenges that we face at our college, in addition to, assisting with the discussion and development of transformational strategies. The facilitator Larry Burnley was exceptional; his knowledge of the material and passion was obvious. He brought depth and professionalism to the complex topic of Intercultural Communication. I was able to examine and challenge my assumptions and biases; as well as, develop the capacity to think critically about why privileged voices are required across multiple academic disciplines. I am happy we selected Inclusive Engagements, LLC for our training. I have since recommended Inclusive Engagements, LLC to my colleagues, and others in the community.”

Yoshiko Harden, Vice President for Diversity/Chief Diversity Officer, Bellevue College, Spring semester, 2015

Indiana Wesleyan University


Centerville City Schools


Aptima, Inc.


National Church Residences


Air Force Research Labs


Ohio Court of Appeals 8th District